A New Beginning

The United States is in dire need of leadership that can work together to solve the problems our country is facing. Every Libertarian agrees that the Libertarian Party has the best solutions, but we disagree on how to message libertarianism, how to grow the party, and how to win elections. We can’t reach people or win elections with a disjointed political party.

We need leadership that can be organized and effective, that can grow and retain membership, and that can win elections. We have a huge opportunity in 2024. Americans are looking for leadership that brings cooperation and working together to the table. If we can’t do this in our own party, how are we going to do this for our country?

We can work together and demonstrate libertarian solutions within our party. Learn more about me and my vision for the Libertarian Party.

Can Libertarians Work Together?

In this divisive political climate, we must heal the division in our party. We all know this will be a challenge.  We need to heal the division and factionalism in our own party, in order to bring a cohesive message of liberty to the country. 

  • We don’t just need to grow the party, we need to keep members engaged once they join. 
  • We need to bring members back who have left the party. We need every Libertarian at the table if we want to have a party that has a chance at winning elections.
  • I aim to heal the division in our party through better communication and negotiation. I will bring people to the table to discuss solutions, instead of fighting. 
  • We need effective marketing, fundraising, and great Libertarian candidates that can win elections with the support from a party that has the foundation to help them win. We have work to do and I aim to create a functional party that can do the work. 
  • We have the best political party. We need every Libertarian helping us to move the needle in 2024. We all have talents and skills, it’s up to us to elect great leadership that can pull us all together and do the work necessary.

Join Tony's Team

If you share my vision for the Libertarian Party please join my team.  We need volunteers from every state to help us build a better, more effective, unified party.