Improve the LNC's Image and Remove Barriers

More than ever, our party has been damaged by warring factions.  I will heal division by eschewing factionalism and bringing parties to the negotiation table – our meetings will be discussions, not fights. I recognize that this is going to be a tough job.  I’ve done it before.

We will utilize the strengths of the LNC members, especially when it comes to committee leadership. When we set our committees up to succeed, we all grow.

A large percentage of the party sees the work of the LNC as useless overhead.  We need better internal marketing on behalf of the LNC, beyond the quarterly newspaper, so the whole party sees the hard work the LNC is doing.

Grow membership

Marketing over the last year has dramatically improved. As Chair, I will continue that focus on solid Libertarian marketing.

We are a big tent party, and for many voters, a much better fit than the Democrats or Republicans. We need to continue to ensure that the doors to our tent are easy to see from the ivory towers of the duopoly.

I will continue the membership growth initiatives currently in place, and evaluate them for improvement. Direct outreach will continue to be critical to the growth of our party, and I will champion efforts to expand the party beyond our traditional base without compromising our principles.  On a personal note, I intend to reach out to former lapsed national sustaining members and hopefully bring them back to fight for liberty in our lifetime with us.

Continued Focus on Fundraising

One of the primary jobs of the Chair is fundraising, specifically direct contact with donors big and small.  I am pleased that the LP has taken fundraising more seriously over the past year or so. I intend to continue these efforts.

Attracting Electable Libertarians and Winning Elections

The Frontier Project has been a huge success for Libertarian visibility in potential strongholds.  I will champion efforts to expand this to other states, both receptive to and antagonistic towards libertarian principles.

However, most campaigns are local, and I intend to work with local and state parties to engage in political outreach. I will work with them to reach out to potential candidates and seated politicians who align with us, for potential comarketing or hopefully reregistration opportunities. 

Build Risk Mitigation and Business Continuity

We need a plan, both for the party and for the staff, for future pandemics and other disasters. Little contingency planning has taken place, beyond the ad hoc for the last convention.
We need to, as a party, focus on data loss prevention, be the loss be because of a disaster, or a staff member leaving, or loss of ballot access, or other turmoil in a state party. This needs to be part of the business continuity plan.
There are other risk points specific to the LP Staff. For example, there is no human resources department to speak of.  This needs to change, because this puts the party at great personal and financial risk. I will lead the campaign to make that happen.
I will appoint a committee to review and revamp the policy manual. Included as part of this will be a data retention policy.
I will be pushing for process and budget evaluation – not a forensic investigation – just a streamlining of what we’re doing. We need to grow the party now, but to do that, we need to do more with less – and utilize our staff in ways that better fit their expertise. 
I will not dismiss moving our HQ to a different location, or even being dual-homed, if that will save the party money.